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The warmth of ward and caress of care guaranteed, especially when you are left head on with " the moment of truth "


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Access all around we mean it in true spirit, hence are building presence phygitally.


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With the Central government now on a mission mode having vowed "Insurance for all by 2047" and the ensuing enablement of the whole ecosystem, Insurance as an industry has already built extreme steam, now touching a tipping point to breakout growth, sooner than delayed. Insuretech is already the buzzword and will continue to be, at least until the end of this decade taking the baton out from its twin-brother and front-runner, Fintech. Reflect contextually, you will appreciate it's going to be a different ball game all together. However the moot question still lingers, do we have ample forces out there on the field..? Do our field forces are skilful enough to live up to the emerging challenges..? Could we attract young and aspiring new blood into the field..? How could we build distribution in rural and hinterlands..? Technology, even at its fullest embrace, could never be the panacea to address these difficult questions. Out there in this vacuum, we place our bet giving new lease of life to the existing field force by reimaging and remoulding them to be future ready and would strive to entice and attract all fresh young blood into the field force and for social and rural outreach, will work with self-help social groups to build field reach, all with technology at the core. You will find all good reasons to come & collaborate with Access to progress together.

Access Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.
Mannam Arcade, Building No.50/616 A, Poonithura PO , Kochi, Kerala
PIN: 682038
18001216557, [email protected]

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