About Us

From humble beginnings of an individual agent to being a strong insurance broking brand today, ACCESS is the logical conclusion and evolutionary breakthrough of our long and earnest journey spanning more than 15 years

ACCESS, in its true sense and spirit, was born by chance, grown by choice and evolved through values that are tightly bound across everything that we do.

We believe technology at its best is a complementing vector than a destructive substitute for men in action, in the realm of insurance distribution, more so as the product in the hands of a buyer is just a print and seal full of esoteric jargons, making him miss the feel and spirit of the 'Caveat Emptor'. Hence, we are striving to be physically at your service by fronting our expert partners, consultants, associates and employees to be vanguards wielding state-of-the-art technologies to ensure seamless, unlimited and convenient ACCESS.


Minting money is not our business as we believe in earning a respectful living, not that flamboyant one though. Our investors are neither finicky nor avaricious to be lured by those fancy rates of geometric returns, but are grateful with realistic rewards just a tad above the prevailing bank rates. Employees are our kinfolks assured of getting a fair share of what we hunt and gather. The new age corporates' rat race for chasing money is not our genre.

Hello! CUSTOMER & PARTNER Relax and be rest assured, you are in the safest hands.


We are here not to burn and churn as we believe money is so sacred, no matter whose it is, to be placed on a wager. Reasonable returns to our investors, rewarding salaries to our employees, judicious spending on our overheads and a linear return of our efforts are the basic touchstones of our sustainable existence. We are patient enough to build an all-compliant, well-governed, socially responsible and sustainable organization to be handed down to generations.


Two young lads, investing nothing more than their "wish to aspire" and "will to work hard "plunged into an entrepreneurial odyssey in insurance distribution as agents. Within a span of 15 years, we have evolved into an entrenched brand "Access Insurance Broking''. Blazing our own trail, we are now better off in "mending, molding & making" you a true professional in insurance distribution.

Access Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.
Mannam Arcade, Building No.50/616 A, Poonithura PO , Kochi, Kerala PIN: 682038
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